Setting the Bar for Military Physical Readiness Tests

The fitness requirements to join the US military are designed to assess a candidate’s physical capabilities against current military standards. If you want to join the military, you have to pass them.

ReadyFit is a state-of-the-art mobile app created to help you prepare for AND PASS any US military physical fitness test, commonly known as a PRT or Physical Readiness Test. Choose between different branches of the military and ReadyFit will provide specific instructions and scoring criteria for each test and exercise.

Using the ReadyFit app, candidates can test themselves against fitness standards for each of the following:

  • ReadyFit Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
  • ReadyFit Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT)
  • ReadyFit Naval Special Warfare Physical Screening Test (PST)
  • ReadyFit Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)
  • ReadyFit Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
  • ReadyFit JROTC Cadet Fitness Challenge Test

ReadyFit also allows candidates to perform tests when they are best trained, most ready, and in an environment that is conducive for peak performance.

Verifying Physical Readiness

The ReadyFit Process starts with objective testing that is consistent, provable, and verifiable. A test begins with detailed and specific test instructions paired with rest timers, so every test is administered in the same way. Throughout testing, all required fitness exercises have exacting performance requirements and form specifications. Standards for performance are based on individual profiles and the grading is never subjective.

Completed tests are submitted to our secure grading platform where video and GPS data are analyzed and tests are scored against military requirements. Grading criteria are transparent, and all certified tests include assessments and feedback on performance. ReadyFit graders are unbiased and evaluate all tests fairly.

Users who take and pass a test and receive a ReadyFit certification will confidently know they are qualified and meet the exacting standards for achieving excellence in their chosen military occupation.

Who Can Use ReadyFit?

ReadyFit is ideal for those interested in serving, active-duty military personnel, reservists, veterans, and civilians and patriots with a passion for fitness.

ReadyFit offers the convenience and accuracy for anyone interested in assessing their fitness against the standards used by the US military. Contact us today to learn more information about ReadyFit.

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