Who We Are

The ReadyFit team places a tremendous emphasis on military readiness, recognizing the crucial role fitness plays in ensuring national security, occupational proficiency, optimal performance, and overall well-being. Comprising a diverse group of ambassadors and coaches from all branches of the military, our team brings decades of experience in the field of human performance. Building on their deep-rooted understanding of the significance of physical fitness gained from their time in the armed forces, these exceptional individuals embody an unwavering dedication to maintaining their own physical fitness.

Lisa Bodenburg – Marine Corps, Elite Performance Coach
Steve Prescia – Naval Special Warfare, Mentor and Coach
Corinna Coffin, Professional Tactical Athlete, Dietician
Karol Zak – Army, Master Fitness Trainer
Dominga Shataun Harris, Air Force, Fitness and Nutrition Advocate

The ReadyFit team exemplifies discipline, perseverance, and unwavering determination as they prioritize regular exercise and champion healthy habits. Their unwavering commitment to physical fitness stands as a powerful inspiration to the next generation of military leaders, reinforcing the values of personal excellence and fostering a culture of resilience and strength within the United States Armed Forces.

Grading and Certification

Each ReadyFit test is graded by former physical fitness coordinators and master fitness trainers who have served in the military. Each grader has had formal military fitness training and understands what fitness qualifications are required for each branch of service.  Our certified graders ensure quality attention to every fitness test while applying grading standards evenly.

Meet ReadyFit Master Grader – Ethan Flynn

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Ethan is a Navy veteran and former Navy Fitness program coordinator with roughly a decade of Navy fitness leadership. With a degree in exercise science, Ethan has the experience to certify ReadyFit tests and provide valuable feedback so users can succeed and reach their fitness goals.

Meet Our Founder – Jamie Monroe

Jamie Monroe joined the Navy in 1994, with the goal of becoming a SEAL. At the time, the PST (Physical Screening Test) was only administered in bootcamp. After successfully passing the test and eventually graduating BUD/S, he served on active duty and in the reserves for 10 years.

Passionate about endurance sports and fitness, after the military, Jamie worked for the largest endurance sport production company in the U.S. before starting his own event company – Easy Day Sports, producing running events for high profile clients like Nike, and the NFL.

As an entrepreneur with an MBA from Pepperdine University, he’s focused on innovation and achievement through sports. His vision for ReadyFit is to be the new standard for digital fitness testing for all branches of the US Military. The exact same test Jamie took in 1994 is available in the ReadyFit app.

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